Centralized Control Equipments

Centralized Control Equipments

  • Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Reel System
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    Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Reel System

    vehicle exhaust extraction reel system Slid e type model: STLH-QDH Power:0.75/2.2 Voltage:380V/50Hz Length: 4m Hose dia.:Φ75 Electric quantity:1700m³/h 1. Use high-strength aluminum alloy extrusions slide rails. Large and wide pipes enhance the flow speed; 2. External trolley structure as a...Read More
  • Exhaust Gas Collector Hose
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    Exhaust Gas Collector Hose

    Exhaust gas collector hose Roller type model: STLH -QDJ Power:0.75/2.2 Voltage:380V/50Hz Length :8m Hose dia.:Φ75 Electric quantity:1700m³/h Ratchet gyrator is a patented product, uses mechanical spring, can be arbitrarily stretch out and drawback, is used to stop the hose at any desired height...Read More
  • Electric Car Charger Outdoor
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    Electric Car Charger Outdoor

    electric car charger outdoor ● Large current auxiliary starting mode, suitable for all kinds of small and large motor vehicles, diesel vehicles, tractors, etc .; ● Output voltage is 12V / 24V, wider adaptability, more convenient to use. ● It has overheating, overload, protective equipment and...Read More
  • Electric Car Charger Garage
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    Electric Car Charger Garage

    Electric car charger garage 1. Big-power rectifier bridge is applied; 2. Big-power transformer for strong start; 3. The control system is equipped with multi-functional display for voltage and currency; 4. Power source: two phases, 380V±10%. 5. Assisted start: quick and slow charging...Read More
  • Air Pipe System
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    Air Pipe System

    Air Pipe system Model: ST-PVR-0 Mainly contains the pipe device, different type connectors and relative parts to supply the air source to the needed place for easier working there, which is mainly for the 4S shop and other relative workshops. 1. Applicable to such industries as auto maintenance...Read More
  • Centralized Oil Supply System
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    Centralized Oil Supply System

    Centralized oil supply system ST-96180 is suitable for filling the same dilute oil at different stations. Equipped with a set of 37685 filling kit, 2 sets of 82010 engine oil rolling tubes, 2 pieces of 37713 digital display injection guns, 2 sets of 88630 gun boxes, 20M dedicated fluid pipe and...Read More
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