The concept of car washing machine

Car Washing machine

Abroad: In the Western developed countries in Europe and the United States cars are quite popular, the U.S. car ownership almost occupies the world's 1/5 of car ownership, of which cars up to 1. 300 million vehicles, averaging 1. 3 people have 1, after statistics, car wash shop but less than 30,000. Follows how do many vehicles keep their vehicles neat and tidy? The original American national self-washing car has already become a part of life, self-service coin-operated car washing equipment is widely located in various gas stations, high-speed service area, large car parks, towns and rural communities and other places.

In China: As more and more Chinese people join the car, car washing machine market is expanding, as of the end of 2010, there are more than 150 million kinds of cars nationwide, private cars nearly 80 million cars! China's car wash shop up to 30,000 or more, which means that the average car wash shop every year to wash more than 20,000 private cars. And basically all the large and medium-sized cities in the city center is not allowed to set up car wash shop, most car washes are set up on the outskirts of the city, so the car owners are not only faced with washing cars waiting in line, but also face the car washing and driving a long time to get the car.

The traditional car wash shop is a high-pressure water cannon to connect to the tap, plus a few large towels, this is a lot of car wash shop's main equipment. Car wash water waste phenomenon serious, car washing room circulating washing equipment into a device, a large number of clean water is secretly used to wash cars, water-saving applications are not promoted. According to the relevant statistics, according to this wash law, the country will consume 100 million tons each year.