The eight advantages of car washing machine

1 is open

Cold machine start-up, only 60 seconds heat engine;

2 Never Scaling

That is, hot working principle, can be guaranteed never scaling, eliminating the trouble of descaling

3 Wet and dry flexible

Ability to choose from unsaturated steam to superheated steam, arbitrary

4 Over voltage protection

High sensitivity sensing pressure to achieve design pressure automatically stop working

5 Higher pressure

Design work pressure break the traditional pressure limit, wash the car more thoroughly

6 Standby Holding pressure

Work gap, automatic perception, enter to maintain pressure, power-saving standby state

7 Energy Saving

Using patented technology, heat inertia small, switching machine energy-saving 〉90%, good thermal insulation, working state to save heat dissipation $number

8 water-saving and efficient

With all the common steam car wash, a large amount of water resources, cleaning effect, disinfection sterilization, while reducing the pollution of the environment when washing cars.