The principle of the baking room

The paint room is usually used for spraying and baking the paint, so the most accurate description of the paint house should be "spray paint room." General spray paint when the surface of the object in advance to deal with dust-free grinding.

When painting, the external air filtered through the primary filter net from the fan to the roof, and then through the top filter screen two times after purification into the room. The air in the room uses the whole drop type, to 0.2-0.3m/s the speed downward flow, causes the spray paint mist the particle to be unable to stay in the air, but directly through the bottom outlet to be discharged outside the room. This constant cycle of conversion, so that spray paint room air cleanliness of more than 98%, and sent into the air has a certain pressure, can be in the car four weeks to form a constant airflow to remove excessive paint, so as to maximize the quality of painting.

When baking the paint, the throttle is adjusted to the baking position, the hot air circulation, the temperature in the baking room rises rapidly to the predetermined drying temperature (55℃-60℃). The air blower will filter the fresh air outside, and heat exchanger after the heat exchange to the roof of the gas room, and then after the second filtration purification, hot air through the inner circulation of the air damper, in addition to a small amount of fresh atmosphere, the vast majority of heat is continued to heat the use of the atmosphere, so that the temperature in the paint room gradually increased When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the burner automatically stops, and when the temperature drops to set temperature, the fan and burner are automatically opened, so that the temperature in the paint room remains relatively constant. Finally, when the baking time reached the set time, the paint room automatically shut down, baking finish.

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