Baking Room Daily Maintenance

1, every day clean room wall, glass and platform base, lest dust and paint dust accumulate;

2, clean into the wind every week dust net, check the exhaust dust mesh whether there is a plug, such as the room pressure to increase, the need to replace the exhaust dust mesh;

3, each work 150h should replace the platform dust fiber cotton;

4, each work 300h should replace into the wind dust mesh;

5, clean the water tray every month, and clean the diesel oil filter device on the burner;

6, each quarter should check the wind and exhaust motor transmission belt is slack;

7, every half year should clean the entire baking paint room and the platform seat, check the circulation wind valve, air inlet and exhaust fan bearings, check the burner flue gas channel, clean the tank sediments, clean the paint room water protection film and spray again;

8, each year should clean the entire thermal energy converter, including the combustion chamber and exhaust channels, each year or 1200h should replace the paint roof cotton.

If you usually take into account the above points and reasonable use and maintenance, baking paint room in the construction process will become more relaxed, neat, at the same time to complete the task of quality and quantity, must present a perfect spraying effect. The principle of the baking room works in the painting room, the dispersed paint mist is guided by the wind suction fan, filtered by the curtain screen of the mist purifier and the water-rotary plate, then through the gas-water separator baffle to collect, so as to complete the process of paint mist purification, disposal of waste paint stored in the storage tank and the bottom of the tank.