Electric Heating Of Baking Paint Room

1. Infrared heat Source Mass

Buy an infrared electric heating device, it is impossible to open the radiator to see the internal structure, see also may not see clearly, so to understand the technical parameters, the power of the radiator, the key is to see how long the service life of the promise is, the informal factory or low slightly products in this area fuzzy.

2. Protection of infrared heat source body

Infrared radiator at work, in the production of light radiation at the same time the infrared radiator shell will also generate heat, how to remove these heat as soon as possible to protect the infrared heat source body service life of the key, so to understand the fixed radiator device heat dissipation situation rationality.

3. The layout of the infrared heat source body in the baking paint room or the furnace body

To understand the proper layout of the radiator in the baking room or the furnace, see whether the baked objects as far as possible radiation, as well as the distance between them, radiator and baked objects between the distance is too large, drying effect will be poor, too small, it is possible to heat-resistant objects baked bad, the best distance is 800-1200mm.

4. Infrared heat source Device safety

⑴ Infrared radiator At work, the positive temperature up to hundreds of degrees, flammable goods, paper near will be in a matter of seconds to cause combustion (there are many cases), so infrared heat source device must have a reliable protective device to ensure safety. In fact, as a heat source device, there is a protective measure.

⑵ Infrared radiator connector must be matched to the high temperature line, line and line between the connection points must be wrapped tightly rinse tin, to ensure that the contact can not be empty.

⑶ infrared heat source device must be installed ground to ensure the use of safety.

⑷ control cabinet must use qualified leakage, overload and other electrical appliances.

5. Price is not the only standard to judge the quality of a product, but the price is too low, there should be a problem, because the enterprise to earn profits, maintain its normal operation, no profit how to survive, so the price in a certain reasonable range is normal.