Furniture Paint Room

Wood furniture with paint room requirements airtight, not revealing gas, strong, durable, good insulation performance. A brick wall with a fixed type of concrete or an insulating layer, mobile general three-layer structure: internal wall surface requirements of organic solvent corrosion resistant materials (such as steel plate, aluminum plate, etc.), the middle (also known as insulation layer) generally with asbestos board or mineral wool board, such as insulation materials, external walls are generally assembled light body wall, and durable structure.

For continuous-site or magnets-line drying devices, the dryer (steam tube, electric heater, infra-red generator, etc.) should be installed in the drying channel with conveyor belt, the parts of the finishing will be sent into the baking path, driven by the conveyor belt (chain), and transported from one end of the baking path to the other end. During the conveying process, the coating is gradually dried and the coating gets better drying quality.

Generally, the whole baking path should be divided into low temperature zone, high temperature zone and middle temperature zone. Let the finished products first through the low-temperature zone, so that the coating natural leveling, paint part of the solvent free volatilization, and then into the high-temperature zone accelerated coating drying, and finally through the middle temperature area continue to dry until the coating curing. Therefore, a comprehensive consideration of the paint room area of the site line (or magnets line) length and movement speed, coating curing time, enterprise products, such as comprehensive consideration, for large enterprises in general area of not less than 300 ㎡. The drying efficiency of the continuous drying device is higher than that of the periodic type, which is advantageous to the mechanized finishing and the automation construction, but the investment is larger.

Intermittent baking room, no need for site line or magnets line, small investment, suitable for small businesses. Not applicable to large-scale production enterprises, baking room size according to the size of their own production, combined with the layout of the plate, product size integrated consideration of the size of the baking room, generally in the 100~150㎡, if the finish is integrated, the area should be increased, relatively small investment.