Paint Booth Overview

The Paint Room (Spray Booth) is a spray-paint room, a device that paints and dries the surface of the equipment. It can not only play a beautiful role in the equipment, but also to protect the goods.

Several measurement factors of the paint house have bright brightness, air flow, filtration effect, wall sealing effect, guarantee the positive pressure, heating system sealing effect, heating speed.

It can prevent the object from being corroded in the humid and dusty environment, spray paint can prevent metal parts from being eroded, delay the aging of plastic parts, and can be painted to achieve artistic aesthetic design style by painting objects, make the object appearance more beautiful, bring more business value and visual beauty. The baking room is the most important equipment for the decoration and repair of the surface of the object through technical treatment.

In short, the paint room is generally used for spraying and baking paint, so the most accurate description of the paint house should be "spray paint room." It is widely used in automobile, machinery, metal, furniture, FRP products, chemical equipment and other industries of the workpiece surface painting, baking paint construction work.