Paint Booth's Maintenance Knowledge

The choice of a qualified paint room is important, but the paint room equipment in the process of use, a lot of paint master reflects the quality of the paint room, the dust in the room more, the construction effect is poor, and even sometimes as if the effect of outside. I would like to say: In fact, as long as we can properly use and maintain the paint room, these problems can be completely avoided. The use of paint room should be noted:

1. Before spraying, we must check whether the pressure of spraying is normal, and ensure the cleaning of the filtration system.

2, check the air compressor and oil-water micro-dust separator, so that the spray hose to keep clean;

3, spray gun, spray paint hose and paint can be stored in a clean place;

4, in addition to the use of hair-dryer and sticky dust cloth dust, all other spraying before the process should be completed outside the paint room;

5, in the baking paint room can only be sprayed and baking process, and the door can only be opened in the room when the car is in and out, when opening the door must start spraying air circulation system to produce positive pressure, to ensure that the dust outside the room can not enter the room;

6, must wear the designated painting clothing and wear safety protective equipment to enter the paint room to operate;

7, in the baking operation, the paint room must be flammable items outside the room;

8, non-essential personnel, not to enter the paint room.