Paint Room Use Precautions

(a) coating equipment operators must be proficient in the construction of a variety of machinery, performance and operation, maintenance methods, to achieve the use of special personnel, responsible.

(ii) The operation of woodworking machinery, should wear good overalls, tighten cuffs, lesbians must wear a good working cap, plait into the hat, do not wear gloves, scarves and so on.

(c) The machine must be tested before it starts work, and the parts run normally before they can start work.

(iv) The shaft, chain, belt pulley, belt and other running parts of the equipment shall be provided with a protective cover and a protective plate.

(v) Mechanical operation in the event of abnormal conditions or other failure, should immediately cut off the power supply, downtime maintenance.

(vi) Peripheral equipment for flammable products, fireworks should be prohibited.

(vii) When commissioning and maintenance of painting equipment, the total power supply must be cut off.