The Advantages Of The Automobile Baking Paint Room

The heating way of automobile baking room has electric heating way and diesel heating mode, the General Electric heating Way is higher, and the price is more. Diesel heating method Some imported combustion machine, the thermal efficiency is relatively high, the use should pay attention to safety.

Paint Room Factory Recommended: No matter what type, before use all need to spray paint room in advance heating, such as a few cars can be carried out continuously, can save costs.

Car paint room for air purification rate has requirements, so to use air filtration materials, paint equipment generally selected high efficiency non-woven filter cloth, the use of a long time, serious pollution should be renewed.

Car paint room lighting and baking equipment in the room is also required to require bright light, soft, long service life, to see the body surface, to ensure the quality of paint, baking equipment required constant temperature, bake evenly.

Automobile baking paint room to use electronic control system, program control, in order to make the process of painting paint program, to ensure the use of convenient equipment, stable and reliable, to the car paint repair coating to achieve satisfactory results.

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